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ACTIVE after 50 Members are living proof it’s 100% possible to live the active, vital, high quality life you want.  Get started today!

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“ACTIVE after 50 is a call to all 50+ men and women to wake-up and claim the amazing possibilities of life after 50.  Our Members are living proof that decline is NOT inevitable, that healing pain and disease IS possible, and that every 50+ man and woman IS much more powerful than they realize.  The pasture is for horses and the playing fields of life are for us to keep enjoying.  We invite all caring, possibility-minded people to JOIN US.  Together, we’re making the latest years of our lives many of the greatest years of our lives.  Let the Games Begin!”

Message from ACTIVE after 50 CEO and Creator, Dori O’Rourke

Coach Dori teaching at a week-long golf school in Idaho for a group of International Reiki Masters.

Creating a company that makes it easier for 50+ men and women to live more active, happier, healthier lives is a dream come true for me.

I was 48 years old when I first learned about “Senior Sports” – multi-sport competitions for 50+ men and women.

As a mega sports lover since childhood, opening my mind to the possibility that I could play sports well into my 70’s, 80’s, and beyond, completely changed my life.

Then, at age 55, I had another life-changing realization. While starting to learn a new activity called Parkour, it suddenly became very clear how much my movement had declined over the years.

It was actually hard to believe at first. How was it possible that someone as active as me had lost so much movement?!  The change had obviously happened so gradually, I didn’t even notice.

Happily though, it was the wake-up call I needed to jump into action and start reclaiming the movement I had lost – and more!

That’s why I’m so excited about what ACTIVE after 50 will do for YOU and your life. It will help open your mind to the amazing possibilities available to all of us 50+ men and women. It will also help you realize how much movement you’ve lost (which is actually a good thing), and show you the most effective ways to improve it.

At the heart of ACTIVE after 50, there are 3 main things we do to help you enjoy the active, vital, high quality FUTURE YOU WANT:

1. WE CONNECT YOU with the people and the opportunities you need to Stay ACTIVE for Life!™.  For example, our Community, Directory, and Events provide you with thousands of nationwide connections.

2. WE EMPOWER YOU to get your body more Active Life Ready™.  For example, our Programs and Library provide the resources you need to improve in the fastest, easiest way – no matter your age or starting condition.

3. WE INSPIRE YOU to expand your beliefs about what’s possible for you and other 50+ men and women – at any age.  For example, our super cool Store products, and real-life Library stories help replace the old limiting beliefs about the “inevitability” of decline with proof about the reality of lifelong improvement.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I invite you to join our awesome Community so you can take advantage of all the connections and resources we offer.

Even better, if you really want to enjoy the massive, lifelong benefits of staying active for life, then it’s time to start getting your body more Active Life Ready™. 

That way, you’ll be joining me and the thousands of others who are real-life examples of what’s truly possible at any age.


STAYING ACTIVE is the key to a long, happy, healthy life. Our specially designed Community, Directory, Events, Programs, Library, and Store make it EASIER to live the active, fun-filled life YOU want!

Make New Connections with Our Secure Community

As a member of our free Community, you’ll be able to connect with thousands of other active-minded 50+ men and women, participate in a wide variety of interesting groups, enjoy free trainings, and more. Click here to get started!

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Our Directory will help you find activities and events specially for 50+ men and women.  Search dozens of great categories to find what’s going on in your community or any travel destination. Search for your next adventure!

Connect with Virtual and Live Events of All Kinds

Our Events will connect you with an awesome selection of VIRTUAL and live events related to sports, fitness, wellness, lifestyle and more.  Expand your life with hundreds of specially selected nationwide events.

Reverse Decline and Get Your Body More Active Life Ready

Our Programs focus on getting you more Active Life Ready™.  With our training programs, you start wherever you are and move forward from there.  Learn the best way to improve your strength, mobility, breathing, balance and more. Start today!

Learn Essential Information about Your Active Life

1Our Library offers a wide range of videos, blogs, and other “best of the best” information to inspire you, entertain you, get you up and moving, help you get more Active Life Ready™, and much more.  Learn what interests you most!

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Staying active is essential to a happy and healthy life.

We look forward to providing you with the tools, resources, and trainings to make living an active life EASIER!

WELCOME! Please enjoy this sneak peek as we finalize preparations for launch!
Enjoy this sneak peek as we prepare for our May 1st soft launch!