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Dori O’Rourke founded ACTIVE after 50 to shine a light on limiting beliefs around aging and to show 50+ women and men what’s truly possible at any age. 

As a professional coach and athlete, Dori has been helping people achieve their goals and improve their lives for over 35 years.  For the past 20+ years, she’s specialized in helping the 50+ community move and play better.

Dori – aka Coach Dori – is a 35-year LPGA Teaching Professional, multi-book author, speaker, and pioneering personal development expert and program creator.


50+ Women and Men in the US

Source: US Census 2020


People turning 50 in the US every day


Percentage of 50+ women and men who benefit from staying ACTIVE


The Active Life 11™ Essential Skills that you’ll improve as you get your body more Active Life Ready™

freedom and fun forever!

Our mission is to make it easier for 50+ women and men to MOVE and PLAY for Life!™ Research shows that living an active life is essential for a high-quality and independent future.

We created to be THE “go-to” site to provide all 50+ women and men the tools and resources to enjoy an amazing and active life – and for some – to experience a life-revitalizing change.

At ACTIVE after 50, we don’t believe that the traditional decline in movement and life is inevitable as we age.

Instead, we believe in traveling an entirely different road. You’re invited to join us and thousands of others who are living proof that YOU CAN move better with age.

Instead of gradually losing your balance, your mobility, your mind, and more, your life will be getting better and better.  You will be free to do more of the things you want and love to do.

Take advantage of our unique tools and resources for active 50+ women and men. Participate in our PROGRAMS to reclaim and improve your strength, mobility, balance, breathing, and cardio. Check out our STORE to treat yourself, family, and friends to some cool swag.  And learn and get inspired in our LIBRARY.

Get started today! Take control of your life, your movement, and yourself.  The freedom and fun naturally flow from there.

Our Story

Our Mission 


Inspired by Grace

This is where it all begins. ACTIVE after 50 Founder, Dori O’Rourke, first learns about “Senior Sports” from 80+ year, senior women’s basketball player, Grace Larsen, at an open gym for 45+ women in Encinitas, California.  Meeting Grace and learning she could play sports for her entire life blew Dori’s future “wide open.”


Let the Games Begin

At age 50, Dori plays in her first Senior Games.  Her San Diego Avalanche team brings home GOLD from the Huntsman World Senior Games 50+ Women’s Basketball event.


The Future Will Never Be the Same

In this life-changing year, Dori comes to realize how much movement she’s lost. While starting to learn Parkour, she finds herself unable to accomplish some of the physical things she used to be able to do. (Sound familiar?)  But, she knows decline isn’t “inevitable,” so she begins to research how to regain and improve her movement. She’s now able to move better than before and started ACTIVE after 50 to help others do the same.


It’s Official!

ACTIVE after 50 is created as THE “go-to” site for active-minded 50+ women and men. Our PROGRAMS show our Members the fastest and easiest way to get their bodies more Active Life Ready™. Our LIBRARY is full of great information and real-life stories of what’s possible after age 50.  And, our STORE provides products that inspire 50+ women and men to MOVE and PLAY for Life™.

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Improving the Lives of MILLIONS of 50+ Women and Men

As a professional coach and athlete, Dori knows what it takes to succeed.  Thanks to the support of an amazing team and inspired community, ACTIVE after 50 is perfectly positioned to help 50+ men and women keep moving and playing for life!


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