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No doubt you’ve had a friend give you a great referral about a fabulous product or service. Of course — we all have! That’s what we’d like you to do for fellow AA50 Members.

Tell us about all your favorite organizations, services, etc., that promote staying ACTIVE. We’ll then contact them and invite them to add a listing in our Directory for FREE.

It’s a great way to help your referrals grow, while helping other 50+ men and women live a more active, higher quality life! 

REFERRING a Listing is FAST and EASY!

1. COMPLETE the Referral Submission Form Below

We don’t need you to provide all the details, just the essentials. But, the more information you can give us, the better!

2. SUBMIT as Many Referrals as You’d Like

You can fill out a separate form for each referral, or add a list of referrals in the Comments section – whichever is easier for you.

3. RELAX and Leave the Rest to Our Team

Once we receive your referral, we take it from there. Every referral that’s a fit is invited to submit a FREE listing – THANKS to YOU!

REFERRAL Submission Form

  • The Essentials

    We just need 5 main things.
  • We'll let your referral know who they can thank for referring them.
  • This is how we'll confirm you made the referral.
  • We'll only use this if we ever run into any email issues.
  • Let us know the name of your referral (business, association, professional, product, service, etc.). NOTE: If you have more than one, you can add additional referrals in the Comments box below. You can also submit a new form as often as you'd like.
  • What is it that you like best about your referral and how would other members of our community benefit from knowing about this business or provider?
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  • Any More Information You Can Add?

    All we need are the 5 requirements above, but the more information you can provide us, the faster we can add your referral to the Directory. So, anything else you can tell us about your referral is appreciated.
  • Where can we learn more about your referral?
  • Who should we contact to discuss their listing?
  • What's the best phone number to reach your referral?
  • What's the best email to reach your referral?
  • Where is your referral located? The city and state, or full address if you have it.
  • If there is anything else you'd like to add about this referral, or any other referrals you'd like to add on this form, you can type them here.

Did You Know?

Nearly 100% of the listings in our Directory come from Member Referrals!  

That’s one of the many reasons our Directory is such an awesome resource for 50+ men and women nationwide.