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What a Car Can Teach Us About Fitness and Movement
By Coach Dori

When I talk about improving movement with 50+ men and women, many people think I’m talking about fitness training. I’m not.

It’s Not Fitness Training

There’s a huge difference between fitness training and what we do to help 50+ men and women move better – both in the way we go about it and the results.

Because movement is so critical to living the lives we want, it’s extremely important for people to understand the difference between fitness training and movement improving activities – aka, “movement lessons.”

While fitness training is extremely beneficial in numerous ways, it’s NOT the best way to improve your movement.

It’s All About Improvement

Let me explain the difference with a car example. Imagine that your car is running very rough so you take it to your favorite neighborhood mechanic for a check-up.  The mechanic runs some tests and comes back to you and says, “Your car needs a major tune-up.”

So, you look at your mechanic and you say, “Thank you so much! I’ll go drive my car around for a few hours and that should fix it right up.”

What!? The mechanic will look at you as if you’ve lost your mind because they know that driving your car is NOT the same as getting a tune-up to improve your car. They are clearly different.

There is a Difference

Fitness training is like taking your body for a drive; it uses your current movement habits but it doesn’t change them.  Movement lessons, on the other hand, are like giving your body a tune up that actually improves your movement.

For example, let’s say your body isn’t running well.  Perhaps you’re temporarily dealing with chronic back pain, hip pain, knee pain, or the like.  When you’re in pain, it’s easy to see that the solution is NOT to go attend a fitness boot camp or keep doing what you’re doing.  Instead, the solution is to relieve your pain with movement lessons.

Since the distinction between fitness training and movement lessons is so important, I’ll be sharing more examples in future posts.

For now, just remember that sports and fitness activities are great, but they’re not the best way to improve your movement.  What you need are movement lessons specifically designed to improve your body’s movement habits.

Get Started Today

If you haven’t already joined our free Active Life Community, I highly recommend signing up so you can get started moving better today. After you sign up, I hope you’ll begin our free movement program, 7 Days to Better Movement™.  You’ll gain an understanding of the power of our movement lessons AND you’ll notice a difference from the first day!

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