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The People Fueling Our Movement











YES, WE CAN Actually Change the World!

There are people who believe in the possibility of staying active for life, and therefore, take positive action to improve their bodies and their lives.

And, there are those who believe in the inevitably of decline, thereby sitting idly by and watching as their quality of life gradually slips away.

WE ARE possibility people, and we are PROVING what’s POSSIBLE at any age.  If you are of like mind, we invite you to join our movement.

We’re Expanding Our Team

We’ve built an incredible online platform to accomplish great things.  Now, we’re welcoming people to work with us on a variety of projects related to our life-changing mission.

Currently, we are looking for assistance with these commission-based positions.

  • AA50 Directory, Store, and Community
  • Sponsorships
  • Partnerships
  • Affiliates
  • And more!

We’re Looking for More than Just Passion

Our team is filled with amazing, heart-centered people who are passionate about our mission to: Empower 50+ Men and Women to Stay ACTIVE for Life!™

Overall, as a group, we are:

  • Positive and Upbeat
  • Fun and Good-Humored
  • Caring and Compassionate
  • Supportive and Self-Responsible

This isn’t Your Normal Workplace

We welcome men and women of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds.  In fact, the majority of our team are 50+ men and women who had careers in other fields before putting their extensive talents to use toward our mission.

Overall, our work is primarily:

  • Virtual
  • Part-Time
  • Self-Directed

Most of our Team Members are:

  • Leaders (who enjoy following as needed)
  • Financially Comfortable
  • Computer Literate

Think You’d Be a Good Fit?