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At age 55, ACTIVE after 50 Founder, Dori O’Rourke, had a life-changing realization when a new activity she was learning suddenly showed her how much movement she’d lost. 

She knew age wasn’t the issue, so she went on a mission to find the most effective ways to get her movement back and beyond.  And, she found them!

In Move Better with Age!, Coach Dori shares, The 5 SECRETS You Must Know to Improve Your Movement and Live Pain-Free at Any Age.  (And, the 5 Biggest Reasons Most People Fail.)

Once you understand the importance of these discoveries, you’ll know why some programs work and others fail to achieve the results you want.  Get ready for a fun and enlightening ride!

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No matter your age or physical condition, our programs start where you are right now, and move you forward from there — guaranteeing RESULTS in the fastest, easiest way possible.

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Whether you want to relieve chronic pain, improve your strength, balance, mobility, or something else, our programs are proven to help you achieve your goals in the fastest, easiest way.

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All our programs are specially designed for 50+ men and women, backed by science, and proven to work.

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All our instructors are certified professionals who are leaders in their field and the best of the best worldwide.


We provide support multiple ways – phone, email, dedicated coaches, and more – so we’ve got your back every step of the way.